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I have been designing websites for various charitable societies for a few years now and latterly for commercial companies, so I thought it was about time I did one for myself.

I have had no formal training in web design other than burying my head in loads of books and tutorials, encouragement from my friend Keith Ashton, and patience from my wife Alyson.

I bought my first computer back in the 80's, a wonderful Tandy TRS 80, which I expanded and added to as technology advanced.
However the TRS80 soon became outmoded, and I progressed onto the the commodore 64, Texas Instruments TI99/4,
the Amiga, and then various pc's running on windows.
I have tried to keep up with the various renditions of windows and now have a machine running on windows 10,
using the i7 processor (64 bit). with about 2 TB of disk space.

My main computing interest has always been programming; firstly with basic, then c, c++, Visual Basic, Dark Basic, and most languages connected to web development, but playing games came a close second.

In the beginning, with the help of my friend Alan Wright, we developed many games, including 'Soccer Supremo', 'Ti Cricket', 'Pirate Island' to name but a few. Our games were very well rated in the magazine of the day 'Video & Computer Games' getting 4 and 5 stars , and were released under the 'Dromeda Games' marque in the 80's.

With the use of 'Dark Basic' I wrote the game 'Visitation' which can still be obtained from 'Caimen Games', but I wouldn't advise getting it, it is old and Caimen have added their own promotional software to it. I have tried contacting them about it, but since I relinquished rights to it .....

So now is the time to put my skills to good use and author some good web sites !